A drag and drop webpage builder without customization limits?

Oct 19, 2016

Limitless Customization with Custom Template Creation.

When we built Shogun's drag and drop webpage builder, we wanted it to work for any website. This meant that we needed to offer our users limitless possibilities in terms of page design and function, so we included a Custom Template creation feature.

If you know how to code, or you have a developer on your team, you can use Liquid, CSS, and JavaScript to create completely custom drag and drop elements for building webpages. These drag and drop elements live within the editor, so non technical team members can repurpose them later without having to use engineering resources.

Check out this video demonstrating our Custom Templating feature:

Key features of Custom Templating:

  1. Write code inside of Shogun using HTML/Liquid, CSS and Javascript.
  2. Shogun automatically helps you to configure your drag and drop elements/variables for the webpage editor.
  3. Create completely custom drag and drop elements for your website.
  4. Save engineering resources by giving access to non technical team members.

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