Case Study

How This E-commerce Web Design Agency Saved 30k Using Shogun

To the Tenth

To the Tenth is a revenue-focused eCommerce web design agency focusing on building websites with the highest possible conversion rates.

Their core services include building landing pages and websites as well as Shopify apps and themes mainly for consumer product startups that have raised more than $250,000 with Kickstarter.

Screenshot of To the Tenth's services including landing pages, eCommerce websites, and "custom everything"

Better Back and Brazyn, both of which were featured on Shark Tank, are two examples of To the Tenth clients.

Screenshot of Better Back's website created by To the Tenth
Image via To the Tenth

Cutting Costs by $30,000

As told to Shogun by To the Tenth CEO Chris Kilbourn

When we first started building out eCommerce sites, we would design it in Sketch and pay [developers] and it would be really expensive. Anything from $1,000-$3,000 for a single landing page.

In total, we probably spent over $30,000 paying for development costs last year. Thankfully, we were able to find Shogun.

After finding Shogun, we’ve saved a ton of money. We didn’t need developers for a long time unless it was a small customization. Even now that we have a developer, I still have him build pages in Shogun so the client can just take it from there.

Shogun cut our costs roughly in half.

Process Efficiency

As told to Shogun by To the Tenth CEO Chris Kilbourn

Shogun helped a lot with all stages of the process.

When we work with our clients, we’ll do a bunch of research ahead of time, surveying their existing customers, diving into the analytics of their existing site, and competitive analysis. Then we build out the outline, but then once we actually design the page, that’s where Shogun comes in.

We’ll build [the site] into Shogun (so that’s the development stage), but we’ll also make design changes within Shogun.

It helps us get a really good understanding of how things will look and feel on a mobile device.

It’s actually faster than using prototyping tools within our design software. I use Sketch to design. There’s no point in putting it into a prototyping tool and then revising the design and then putting it into shogun. We just put it into Shogun and then make the adjustments from there.

Reducing Turnaround Time by 75%

As told to Shogun by To the Tenth CEO Chris Kilbourn

Using Shogun, we save at least 40 hours per month of development time.

Multiplied by 12 is 480 hours per year. It reduced the development time from 4 days to 1 day.

Statistic showing 4 day turnaround versus 1 day turnaround

We’re able to take on more clients because we can create landing pages and design home pages faster.

Client Happiness

Now with 22 To the Tenth clients using Shogun, they’re able to save time and money while ensuring customer happiness.

“Clients love Shogun so far. It’s very straightforward to make edits and it only takes me a few minutes to walk them through how it works. They also love being able to jump in and make their own changes down the road after a project is finished.”

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