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Previously referred to as “A Day With Shopify”, Shopify Pursuit is an international conference running from September to November 2018 that was created as a way for Shopify partners to grow, learn, and build relationships with other partners.

This year, Shopify Pursuit will take place in five different countries. Here are the locations:

Your 2 days at Shopify Pursuit will include insightful presentations, helpful office hours, and valuable networking opportunities as well as an evening meetup and a limited-seating master class.

All of these aspects make Shopify Pursuit a must-attend for Shopify agencies, experts, or applications looking to grow their business, get inspired, or build helpful relationships (or all of the above).

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Shogun at Shopify Pursuit

This year, we’re excited to announce that Shogun Page Builder will be the Global Sponsor for the conference series. Additionally, Shogun’s co-founder, Nick Raushenbush, will be speaking at every location, Director of Growth, Blair Beckwith, will be the MC for the lightning talk panel in New York City and co-founder, Finbarr Taylor, will be the MC for the lightning talk panel in London and Berlin.

Being a part of this conference series, in particular, was immensely important for Shogun:

“Partnerships with Shopify agencies and applications are Shogun’s 3rd biggest growth channel. For us, Global Sponsorship of Pursuit is an excellent opportunity to get in front of 1,000+ Shopify partners all across the world.”
-Shogun Co-founder, Nick Raushenbush

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Ever wondered Shogun’s secret to growth in the Shopify ecosystem? Nick will be sharing exactly how it’s possible. Here’s a teaser for what you can look forward to learning from Nick’s growth hacking lightning talk:

  • How to build your potential partners list
  • Essential outreach tips (including email/message templates)
  • How to measure success

Why Attend Shopify Pursuit?

Whether you’re looking for a stronger connection with the Shopify community, pursuing growth, or looking to be inspired, Shopify Pursuit has evolved over the years to offer valuable collaboration, peer learning, and actionable takeaways.

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Build Relationships

Networking at Shopify Pursuit is an incredible opportunity to collaborate on projects or help grow your business. The connections you’ll make can be the push you needed in order to take your business to the next level.

How? You’ll be able to learn valuable business lessons from other like-minded Shopify folks and find new ways to take your business forward. Having a network of individuals you can turn to discuss problems and swap solutions is invaluable for your business.

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This networking time is a great opportunity to really get to know other Shopify partners and form genuine relationships. Losing the sales pitch and having a real conversation will be vital in creating a lasting, beneficial connection.

Gain Valuable Insight (Quickly)

There’s a lot to learn at this year’s conference series. This year, Shopify Pursuit will include a Shopify keynote, presentations from partners, as well as lightning talks.

These Shopify Partner presentations will offer actionable, proven strategies that you can take with you to try for yourself.


Shopify Pursuit will also offer exclusive half-day workshops led by veteran Shopify Partners. Wondering what a masterclass is? Think of it like a hands-on learning session where you’ll go in-depth into different (and proven) strategies to grow your business.

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Make sure you get one of the limited seats by registering for a master class when you buy your Shopify Pursuit ticket!

Office Hours

As mentioned earlier, Shopify Pursuit offers what are called “office hours”. This means you can book a 30-minute window of time to meet with a Shopify team member or expert to get all of your questions answered about hurdles you haven’t been able to get over.

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According to Shopify, the secret to office hours is to plan ahead. Book office hours in advance and create an overview of what you’d like to discuss (challenges you’ve been facing, etc.) so you can make the most of this short time. Also, be prepared to give a brief elevator pitch for your business to provide some context.

Join us for 2 days of turning ideas into action. Tickets in most locations are still available!

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