Feature Update: Shopify Blog Page Editing with Shogun

Oct 11, 2016

Shopify Blog Page Editing Is Now Live!!

In case you didn't know, the Shogun Drag and Drop Page Builder App on Shopify has become quite popular.

A few months ago, we asked our Shopify users about what new features they wanted; and custom Shopify Blog Page editing was one of the top requests. Now, you can build and edit completely custom Shopify blog pages in Shogun using our drag and drop webpage builder.

Check out this tutorial video demonstrating custom blog page editing for Shopify:

Key features of Shopify Blog Page Editing:

  1. Works for any new or existing Shopify Blog.
  2. Uses your site's own Theme for your Shopify Blog Pages.
  3. Customize your Shopify Blog Pages and preview them across devices.

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