Shogun Feature Update: Tabs and Accordions

Sep 26, 2016

2 New Drag and Drop Elements: Tabs and Accordions

As Shogun's drag and drop page builder has grown, we've asked for client feedback to get at the new features that you want the most. During the past few months, we've prioritized your feature requests, and are starting to roll them out. As of last week, we are happy to present Tabs and Accordions as standard drag and drop page building features in Shogun.


Tabs are a great way to organize content and de-clutter your webpages. Check out this Tutorial Video to get a look at how to use the new Tabs drag and drop page building element in Shogun.


Accordions are another great tool for organizing webpages, allowing you to create expanding and collapsing page sections. This Tutorial Video demonstrates the new Accordion drag and drop page building element in Shogun.

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