Wisdom Supply Co. Saw $20,000 in Additional Revenue by Using Shogun Page Builder

Wisdom Supply Co. realized an extra $20,000 in annual earnings and saved nearly 100 development hours through Shogun Page Builder

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Wisdom Supply Co. phases disposable supplies out of schools and businesses. The company was founded by two plastic pollution activists: Heather Itzla, a parent volunteering to source plastic-free school supplies for her children’s school, and Nikki Kozlowski, a volunteer with the San Francisco Surfrider Foundation, working to educate people about plastic pollution and facilitating local legislative measures to reduce waste.

We incorporated Wisdom Supply Co. in 2017. Our mission is to disrupt what we call the "shelf-to-shore pipeline," and replace it with systems that prevent plastic and vinyl from entering the global waste stream.

We received our full B Corp Certification and "Best For The World: Environment" honor in 2019.

“Our goal is to reduce plastic waste by creating systematic, scalable solutions.”

Key Metrics

  • +Incorporated in 2017
  • +Certified B Corporation
  • +Founded by two plastic pollution activists
Founded in 2014

Founded in 2017

4 Years on Shopify

3 Years on Shopify

From San Francisco, CA

From San Francisco, CA

Office and Sustainable Supplies Industry

Sustainable School & Office Supplies Industry

The Problem

Over the past three years, we've worked with a number of freelance developers. We found that we consistently struggled to effectively communicate our creative vision in a way that would even remotely translate to what we had envisioned. 

As a bootstrapped startup, we didn’t have the budget for an in-house web developer or designer, so all of our website development had to be done remotely.

The back and forth of emailing our admittedly large volume of tweaks and changes was frustrating for the developers — and costly for us.  

Our site needed work. Specifically, content pages with clickable images, collapsible accordions, product collections within collections and a “contact us” form that would send submissions straight to our inbox.

Wisdom Supply Co. homepage
“As a bootstrapped startup, we didn’t have the budget for an in-house developer or designer.”

With looming deadlines, we needed a solid amount of work done on significantly less than a shoestring budget.

The Solution

We combed the Shopify App Store and tinkered with a number of different page builders.

Hands down, Shogun was the most turnkey and user-friendly option, especially for those of us with a hundred other startup hats to wear.

We were able to create the pages we needed to send to schools just in time for the end of the academic year. We could address questions with accordions, imbed waste-calculators, create form submissions and much more. 

With Shogun Page Builder, we had:

  • Easy user experience — just click and drop the content
  • Complete control of fonts, colors, images and margins
  • Templates for many different page types

We’re still learning — always learning — but we're finally able to move beyond the costly and burdensome back and forth with remote developers to create the pages we need, as we need them.

We’re proud to say our homepage is built on Shogun Page Builder. We particularly love the slider block feature; it allows us to tell a story using photos, equipped with scroll-over photo changes that link to collections.

“Hands down, Shogun was the most turnkey and user-friendly option”

In Additional
Annual Revenue


Hours Saved

The Results

We’ve easily saved nearly a hundred hours of development time.

We estimate that we've saved a solid 60 hours on building pages, and at least 30 additional hours on fixes, edits, changes and updates over the past year. This is essential, as we’re always coming up with ideas for new pages and changing our existing layouts. 

In addition to time, we saved a significant amount of money by not needing to defer to a remote developer for loads of tedious little changes. If we hadn’t been able to make the edits ourselves, the costs of our frequent tinkering and editing would have added up to many thousands of dollars.

Based on a percentage of sales this past year with our partnering schools, we estimate that, through a combination of new sales from our self-designed pages and dollars saved by doing the editing ourselves, Shogun helped us realize an additional $20,000 in annual revenue.

Another bonus to using Shogun Page Builder? Communication.

Before Shogun, we felt constricted when trying to communicate with our customers. Now we feel in control of the way we’re able to “speak” our vision through our site.

This is incredibly important for our brand. The impact of Wisdom Supply Co. is meant to extend beyond product sales to inform and empower individuals to reconsider wasteful behaviors and the products designed to enable them.

Today, we're building Shogun pages to highlight educators who incorporate sustainability in their classrooms and their curriculum.

Additionally, we’re creating a platform to connect students with incredible non-profits that are doing critical work around waste reduction and plastic pollution awareness.

Wisdom Supply Co. image of two women cleaning a beach

Key Metrics

  • +Nearly 100 development hours saved
  • +Saw an additional $20,000 in revenue

What Has Been Your Experience With Customer Support?

We regularly need to contact customer support for a number of the companies and apps we use for our business (there are so many!).

In the handful of times we’ve reached out to customer service at Shogun, our requests were handled swiftly.   

We’d rate Shogun customer support a full 5 out of 5.

Would You Recommend Shogun to Other Brands?

One hundred and fifty thousand percent, yes. 

Shogun is a no-brainer — we only wish we’d known about it sooner. What entrepreneur doesn’t want to save money while also having total creative control? 

If your company isn’t set up with an in-house developer or web designer, do yourself a favor and give Shogun a try.

Support SpecialistSupport Specialist
“We’d rate Shogun customer support a full 5 out of 5."
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