Key Ecommerce Statistics That Support Investing in Your Store’s Experience

November 4, 2021

6181bad2cda2401510b3e612 Featured Image Key Online Shopping Stats Supporting Investing in Your Ecommerce Site

Worldwide, over 76.8% of internet users buy something online once a month. And in the U.S. alone, it’s estimated over 861 billion dollars was spent online in 2020.

If you’ve got an ecommerce business, these stats are great news for your scaling store’s potential.

But your website must be well designed and ready to take advantage and increase sales.

Below we’ve rounded up some important ecommerce and headless commerce statistics to help you navigate the current market and inform your web design and tech choices.

Your potential customers spend nearly 7 hours a day online

Well over three-fourths of the U.S. population is browsing the web daily, with each user spending an average of six hours and 55 minutes a day(!) online.

In those seven hours, your potential customers see a ton of pages, ads, and media.

Also, continuous browsing on mobile by almost one-third of the US population means that it’s more important than ever that your ecommerce site is responsive and mobile optimized.

Because there are 12 to 24 million other ecommerce stores out there, it’s time to focus on your digital branding and differentiation.

If your website doesn’t stand out via the design choices you’re making or the story you’re cohesively telling, you risk being ignored.

#cta-paragraph-fe#The takeaway: Make sure you’re taking advantage of the time your potential customer spends online by investing in high-converting, truly exceptional ecommerce experiences.

This means creating an ecommerce website that’s functional, dynamic, highly performant, and features personalization.

Test new ideas to create an on-brand and engaging site that wows customers in those first few seconds to stand out beyond the competition.

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51% of Americans shop online more now than before the pandemic

The pandemic created an ideal environment for increased ecommerce sales.

In fact, just over half of Americans say they shop online more now than in 2019. It’s also been found that ecommerce sales for Q2 of 2021 increased 9.1% from the second quarter of 2020.

These statistics mean you have more potential consumers willing to spend more money online now than ever before.

And as the pandemic continues to change behavior, ecommerce sales remain high as some return to in-person shopping. As an ecommerce business owner, there are a few things you can do to continue to take advantage.

One is to consider whether headless commerce could be a great way to keep your website ready to scale with you. 

That is—if you use separate technology to power your site’s frontend (what the customer sees) from the tech powering the backend (where your inventory and checkout are managed), you can create a website that’s easy to use both for your web team and your customer.

#cta-paragraph-fe#Headless commerce solutions like Shogun Frontend allow you to customize your website’s look and feel in a low-code environment. Perfect for elevating your store, keeping up with the boom in online shopping, and maintaining incredible load times—without needing tons of code.

50% will abandon a brand due to a single bad experience

Consumers have higher expectations for websites and website design—so much so that 50% will abandon once loved brands due to a single bad experience, and 80% will leave after multiple poor experiences.

Oppositely, easy-to-use websites help undecided potential customers finally checkout, with 65% of customers buying if the transaction is simple.

Finally, 75% of consumers are more interested in experience than they are in the lowest price—proving standing out isn’t all about discounts or pricing.

To ensure a better experience, improve your site performance.

Focus on factors that will create a smoother website experience while boosting your search ranking at the same time.

Improve things like your Google Lighthouse score (a measure for how fast your site loads) and accessibility (things like alt text and the colors you’re using site-wide.)

When working on your site score, focus on compressing images and reducing the number of items that need to be loaded per page.

#cta-mini-fe#Consider a progressive web app: Shogun Frontend uses PWA technology which reduces content that needs to load on each page. This gives you unparalleled speed, no matter the rich media you want to include on your store’s site. Learn more

Headless commerce can help brands capture more sales

Headless commerce gives direct-to-consumer brands the tools they need to provide top experiences, create easy-to-use websites, and meet increased consumer expectations, and many brands have already taken their Shopify or BigCommerce sites headless.

In 2020, 61% of retailers from one survey said they’d either implemented headless commerce or planned to.

And when it comes to results? Many brands who do separate their front and backend tech not only gain flexibility—but also conversions too:

German luxury jewelry brand, Paul Valentine, took their brand global with the help of Shopify Plus agency, We Make Websites.

After launching their new headless store powered by Shopify Plus and Contentful, the brand is now able to serve customers in 131 countries in 12 currencies outside of Germany.

Their entire goal in going headless was to ​​reach new markets fast and easy and now net more revenue as a result of the expansion.

OneBlade, a high-end shaving brand, saw an 83% decrease in average page-to-page load time (from 12 seconds to just 1-2 seconds), contributing to a 579% increase in razor refill subscriptions after launching their new headless site on Shogun Frontend.

6181b7d2bd7892909e7f8435 oneblade

And lastly, joining the ranks of forward-thinking brands going headless we have Nomad, a consumer electronics and lifestyle products brand.

After launching their Shogun Frontend-powered PWA, they saw a 25% increase in ecommerce conversion rate and a 15.6% decrease in bounce rate.

Their new headless site accommodates their growth and helps them to experiment with UX design and functionality without limitations.


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