15 Headless Commerce Examples From Popular Brands in 2022

November 16, 2021
Kaitlyn Ambrose

15 Headless Commerce Examples From Popular Brands in 2022

November 16, 2021
Kaitlyn Ambrose
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Headless commerce is helping more fast-growing, forward-thinking brands gain momentum. And it’s likely you’ve heard about the option to decouple your front and backend too.

But what brands have successfully taken their site’s headless? 

“Going headless” is the logical next step for many scaling ecommerce brands who outgrow the limits of a traditional, monolithic site.

But spotting a headless site in the wild is not really possible (other than noticing the tell-tale lightning-fast site speed), so we’ve rounded up several excellent examples of headless commerce for you to browse and get inspired by. 

Let’s get right to it. 

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15 Headless commerce examples from brands making waves

Headless stores sell everything from skincare products and apparel to fitness equipment and fake chicken. These stunning storefronts are just hiding in plain sight, so we'll pull out 15 examples of amazing headless commerce stores that you can start shopping at today.


TULA is a probiotic skincare line that takes a clean, clinical approach to beauty. From cleansers and serums to masks and moisturizers, TULA has it all. 

For this brand, creating an engaging, seamless shopping experience was a huge part of why they made the switch from a monolithic site to a headless one with a flexible frontend.

They wanted to make shopping easy for customers while also conveying the caliber of their products

With their Shogun Frontend-powered progressive web app (PWA), TULA can add quality, on-brand imagery throughout the site—complete with flat-lays, texture closeups, and studio shots that imply TULA’s elevated brand status—all without any hit to site performance. 

The home page of TULA.com

The decoupled front and backend (by way of headless commerce)—and that the site built with underlying PWA technology—make TULA’s smooth, speedy shopping experience possible.


FLEO is a women’s activewear brand bringing a fun, creative twist to strength training apparel.

The husband and wife duo behind FLEO wanted to improve the site’s speed and gain more flexibility with design and content updates, which was proving difficult to do with a monolithic site structure.

The move to headless commerce by way of Shogun Frontend allows the FLEO team to make content changes and explore creative ideas—like a dynamic quiz to help customers discover products—without restrictions, compromises on performance, or reliance on developers. 

The home page of FLEO.com


Daring, a plant-based protein alternative, understands the importance of a sleek, fast-loading online shopping experience.

A faster-loading site for shoppers = more conversions. 

The brand needed their site to be a unique educational hub where customers could learn more about their products and their mission. 

Because of this, Daring chose Shogun Frontend not just from a technology standpoint (we package best-in-breed tech into one frontend solution) but from a workflow perspective too.

The Daring team can now make on-the-go site content changes without relying solely on developers for updates. 

The Daring.com home page

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OneBlade is a subscription-model luxury shave brand offering high-quality razor products and accessories. 

Before migrating to headless commerce, OneBlade experienced lagging site speed and couldn’t add rich content without hits to site performance.

OneBlade also wanted to create an online shopping experience as unique as their brand, which was proving to be difficult without headless architecture.

Thanks to going headless with Shogun Frontend and working closely with Partner Agency Avex, OneBlade can now build custom pages quickly and easily and add rich media throughout the site without speed tradeoffs. 

Scrolling down the OneBlade home page

What’s more, the luxury razor brand simplified their checkout experience and now embeds rich merchandising features like background video and impressive remerchandising color toggles on pages—no more compromises.

Most impressively, the brand increased razor refill subscriptions by a whopping 579% and their average order value by 30.1% after implementing their flexible frontend!  

#cta-paragraph-fe#Learn more about OneBlade's headless commerce success.


Stikwood makes elevating your home decor simple with peel-and-stick wood planking. As a home decor brand, they’re all about visuals.

Showing real use cases throughout the site is a huge part of their shopping experience. 

Now, having implemented headless commerce with their Partner Agency Dyode, Stikwood can show the versatility of their products with customer examples and rich, embedded how-to videos—all without tradeoffs to site performance. 

Shoppers can easily toggle between interactive product features, like the Materials Explorer, and product pages at breakneck speeds (perfect for improving dwell time and ecommerce conversion rate). 

Stikwood's Material Explorer feature

UX features like these help customers gain a clear sense of the product and if it’s the right fit for their project before buying.  

Plus, now Stikwood doesn’t have to rely on developers to make content updates. With Shogun Frontend’s Experience Manager, the non-technical team can add and change pages in minutes without code.

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Thomas Kent

Thomas Kent is a British clockmaker and high-quality wall art retailer with a need for speed.

The biggest plus of migrating from a traditional site build to a PWA? Unparalleled site speed. 

Going headless helped Thomas Kent improve metrics across the board, including their page load times, conversion rate, and revenue from organic traffic. 

The brand’s PWA is not only mobile-first in nature (it feels more like shopping on a native app rather than a static website) but it considers customers who favor shopping on a desktop as well. A win-win! 

The home page of ThomasKent.co.uk


Undersun makes fitness more accessible, sustainable, and attainable for everyone.

The South Florida fitness brand offers resistance bands, protein shakes, and training programs.

Being a health and wellness brand, Undersun understands the importance of visuals as both an educational and sales tool. Having a site that could accommodate robust content needs—podcasts, videos, recipes, and a blog—was mission-critical. 

The Undersun blog home page

Including this caliber of content throughout the site was getting challenging on a traditional ecommerce platform alone what with Liquid code and piecemeal updates.. 

Undersun launched their headless site on Shogun Frontend and now enjoys simplified content management with Shogun’s native CMS and Experience Manager—all without compromises to page speed or responsiveness.


Nomad is a luxury consumer electronics and lifestyle products company that sells high-quality goods like leather iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. 

Before moving to their Shogun Frontend-powered PWA, they weren’t able to construct a site as visually engaging as they’d like because of platform limitations and tradeoffs.

Typically, the more rich media, the more heavy the site.

Now, with their headless site, Nomad can add rich merchandising and dynamic shopping features that make the whole experience feel sophisticated

After going headless with a flexible frontend, the Nomad site achieved a 25% increase in ecommerce conversion rate and a 25% increase in revenue per session. 

#cta-paragraph-fe#Learn more about Nomad's headless commerce journey. Read more

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is a British fashion, jewelry, and gifts outlet with 60 UK retail locations and three online stores in the UK, US, and Ireland markets. 

The brand wanted to provide customers with an online experience closely resembling a physical store. 

After migrating to a headless architecture, the brand’s page-to-page browsing is extremely fast-loading, which makes discovering the right products a breeze.

And if customers can view more pages in a single session, they’re more likely to add more products to their cart. 

The Candles and Candle Holders collection page on OliverBonas.com/us

The site is set up like a giant gift guide, so even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, Oliver Bonas can help you figure that out—much like you’d experience shopping in-store. 

This almost app-like experience is possible thanks to PWA technology. 


Zinus is an innovative mattress brand committed to helping people bring happiness home.

Buying a mattress online is already a unique challenge for shoppers, so Zinus knew creating an ecommerce experience complete with ample visuals would be key to upping conversions.

However, their existing site made it difficult to weave this interactive functionality into the experience (the frontend and backend were fused together), and so they made the transition to headless commerce with Shogun Frontend.

Now, as a great headless commerce example, not only is their site clocking super-fast page load speeds, but the Zinus team can continue to add visuals throughout the site to move customers along the buyer journey, like UGC and brand-style photos. 

Zinus is also able to add helpful rich merchandising features with their headless site, like this explore tool on the Rooms page: 

The Rooms feature on Zinus.com makes it easy to discover products

This level of rich merchandising is possible without speed tradeoffs because of the site’s decoupled and fast-loading presentation layer. 

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WellPath is a health and wellness brand offering customized supplement packages based on varying customer needs, or “paths”: Body, Immunity, and Stress. 

This customized approach to wellness is a huge part of what makes them unique, and the brand needed a site that could accommodate this approach. 

Being able to integrate customization options throughout the site enables WellPath to offer customers a truly unique shopping experience. 

The home page of GoWellPath.com

Plus, the speed of a PWA makes shopping on the WellPath site feel like you’re shopping on a mobile app; the marriage of speed and convenience can’t be beaten!

The Feed

The Feed is a nutrition and wellness marketplace with a goal of showcasing the best products—all tested by their team of experts. 

The Feed was experiencing several issues merchants often encounter as they outgrow traditional ecommerce site architecture: slower site speeds, template and content limitations, and development bottlenecks. 

They wanted to provide customers with a blazing-fast shopping experience while keeping the Shopify Plus backend that made them successful in the first place.

Going headless via Shogun Frontend helped The team do just that.

The Clif Bar collection page on TheFeed.com

After launching their headless site, The Feed saw a 5.2% increase in ecommerce conversion rate, a 10.3% increase in revenue per visitor, and a 10.8% increase in pageviews per session. 

#cta-paragraph-fe#Learn more about The Feed's headless commerce success.

Jenny Yoo

Buying a wedding dress online can feel...nearly impossible.

Bridal designer, Jenny Yoo, knows how challenging it can be to convey quality and detail online while offering customers a smooth shopping experience. 

The lookbook page on JennyYoo.com

To do this, Jenny Yoo needed an ecommerce site that could withstand content needs like high-quality images, product videos, lookbooks, and more.

Jenny Yoo partnered with Absolute Web to launch their new headless site. 

Now, the brand can add visuals and features to help customers find their dream dress without site slowdowns or glitches thanks to their decoupled frontend and backend.

The Vegan Kind

The Vegan Kind is making shopping online for cruelty-free, 100% vegan products simple, affordable, and fun.

The vegan retailer offers a marketplace of 5,000+ products, a subscription service, a discount program for loyal customers, and a robust library of content, blog posts, and recipes. 

The recipe page on TheVeganKind.com

Phew. That’s quite a bit to pack into one site! 

Going headless allows The Vegan Kind to keep their in tip-top shape free of performance or customer experience issues.

What’s more, as business grows, the team can continue to add customizations throughout the site without worrying about page speed or negatively impacting the backend of the site. 


Marijuana marketplace and delivery service, Amuse, makes shopping for favorite brands and strains as easy as a click of a button for Los Angeles-based customers.

The homepage of Amuse.com

The combination of marketplace and delivery service calls for a unique site architecture that can withstand frequent updates and other essential backend functions. 

With their headless site, the Amuse team can now make updates to the backend without impacting the customer-facing frontend.

The site remains a smooth, easy-to-navigate experience for customers thanks to their decoupled frontend and backend.

Considering taking your brand headless?

Headless commerce isn’t a new technology but bundled frontend solutions—like Shogun Frontend—are making it easier for merchants to jump on board. 

Fast-growing brands are making the switch from a monolithic site to a headless build due to the incredible flexibility and performance improvements—all without having to change up your backend or existing tech stack. 

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Kaitlyn Ambrose

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