Shogun Frontend: Introducing Our No Code Beta!

June 2, 2022

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Similar to the store owners we speak with daily, the sentiment here at Shogun is that we can hardly believe we’re now at the end of May! The year’s flying in fast with tons to keep up with in the ecommerce landscape, and we’ve got exciting things to share with you.

In Q1 we summed up a year in review, and in the spirit of transparency, today, I’d like to share some of the latest updates to showcase some exciting product momentum.

In February, we had a bold claim that 2022 would be the year Shogun Frontend would take big steps toward making headless, flexible frontends even more accessible.

And I’m pleased to announce some great progress!

An important milestone in our no-code experience roadmap

As many of you know, we’re committed to bringing Shogun’s proven software expertise into the headless frontend space with our newest product, Shogun Frontend.

Shogun has been known for nearly a decade for helping merchants create exceptional online shopping via our visual builder Shogun Page Builder.

Page Builder’s drag-and-drop capability has been critical to the success of over 20,000+ merchants. Including ecommerce greats like Beardbrand, Brevite, Rumpl, The Ridge, MVMT, and many more. They’ve each built experiences that catapulted brand equity, revenue, and their reputation.

Similar to how we put non-technical team members in the driver’s seat with Page Builder, we’ve been imagining a future where you can finally transcend the limits of traditional ecommerce without code. 

A future where:

  • Your ecommerce team never needs to compromise on incredible site design VS. performance.
  • You can finally have the shopping experience you envision, with unparalleled site speed and personalized, dynamic interactions supported by a decoupled architecture.
  • Non-technical team members can create this rich content without code or reliance on developers. All within an Experience Manager and CMS designed to be merchant-first and developer friendly.
  • Your whole store renders as a blazing-fast progressive web app for the highest shopper engagement and conversions possible.

Shogun Frontend is our answer for rapidly scaling brands who want elevated shopping experiences and the benefits of a flexible frontend (without the complexity of a custom-built headless tech stack). With its own native CMS, growing third-party integrations network, and Experience Manager, the Shogun Frontend platform is the next step for unlocking flexibility and store growth.

To make this future possible, we’ve been exploring how we can take the visual page-building experience you love from Page Builder and model that in Shogun Frontend for transforming your store with PWA technology.

Introducing the beta for drag-and-drop content creation in Shogun Frontend 

In a meaningful step to remove barriers for your ecommerce team in the day-to-day execution of content creation, today we’re releasing a no-code beta for Shogun Frontend customers.

Once you’ve accessed the beta,you can build store content with the no-code drag-and-drop functionality you’re familiar with in Page Builder and have this content output on your Shogun Frontend site.

Here’s what that looks like in practice today:

This is very exciting for Shogun Frontend customers as it’ll help those creating and updating content to impact revenue even faster. It fully aligns with our mission to empower non-technical team members and our no-code vision.

We’ll continue providing you with even more building blocks within Shogun Frontend, and more excitement is dropping soon—watch this space!

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Scott Christopher

Scott leads Product at Shogun. He lives in Michigan and spends his free time outdoors with his wife, son and dog, perfecting his pour over coffee craft, reading Brandon Sanderson’s new book or stressing about an upcoming Michigan Football game.

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