No Ordinary Swag Store: Introducing Shogun General

April 28, 2021

In the past weeks I’ve shared some of the incredible headless commerce websites that have launched using Shogun Frontend. Brands like Nomad, Groove Life, The Feed, Undersun Fitness, and — as if these exceptional experiences weren’t exciting enough — I hinted there was another mystery store we’d reveal. 

Well the wait is over! I’m proud to share the mystery store is Shogun General, our headless swag store powered by our Shogun Frontend software.

On first glance, it’s a Shopify store featuring stylish gear — but on closer inspection: it’s an extremely fast-loading progressive web app (PWA).

We’re dog-fooding our own product, as they say. It’s one thing to share the benefits of headless and advocate for its capabilities, but it’s another altogether to build our very own ecommerce store using our own product, and showcase just how fast and flexible a headless PWA can be. It paves the way for us to learn more about the challenges our customers face everyday and how we can build a better product.

Along with We Make Websites, our first Certified Agency Partner, we created the store to demonstrate just a taste of the impressive page-to-page load time, and rich customer experience you can deliver (especially on mobile) when you go headless. 

Check out the fine details, like the scroll interactions on the homepage.

Shogun General's page-to-page speed is blazing fast.

The store's fully custom product hover states.

A need for speed

When running a few of the store’s product pages through Google Lighthouse (I have an M1 chip Macbook Air), it’s awesome to see just how fast these pages load. A first contentful paint at point eight seconds is the type of sub-second speed we mean when we speak about exceptional ecommerce experiences.

Take the store for a spin

We invite you to cruise through the store on your mobile device — treat yourself to a new Hoodie if you’re so inclined — and subscribe to get notified when we launch more headless stores, results, and resources.

Want to take your store headless, too?

Learn how you can unlock the benefits of headless commerce with a PWA of your own.


Finbarr Taylor

CEO and co-founder of Shogun.

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