Exciting Announcements From Xperience Commerce 2021

September 20, 2021

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This week we hosted our first Xperience Commerce (XCOM) virtual event to share actionable insights on what it takes to deliver exceptional online shopping as a growing direct-to-consumer business.

And thanks to our 1,300+ registrants, sponsors, and panelists, this event was one for the books.

In case you missed the live show or want a quick summary of major announcements made during the product keynote, we’ve got a roundup below!

Shogun Frontend

1. Shogun Frontend sees exciting growth and momentum in store launches

We’ve seen customers launch over a dozen headless sites with Shogun Frontend in the last year, with six in the last three months. These customers include multinational brands, with new sub-brands launched each month.

And the results are beautiful storefronts elevating these brands’ shopping experience with lightning-fast speeds.

Have a look at some of these exceptional sites on any device:

  • Onebladeshave.com – Notice the elegant parallax scroll and beautiful imagery, all at breakneck page-to-page load time.
  • Nomadgoods.com – Check out the product pages and instant variant selections (and pick up a new iPhone case while you’re there).
  • Kyoku.com – How cool is that stop-motion video explainer of what’s inside each Kyoku shake? Beautifully executed rich merchandising in action.
  • Daring.com – Vibrant, engaging, and fast are just a few words I’d use to describe the imagery on Daring’s website.
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The use of stop-motion video on the Kyoku site is nothing short of exceptional.

2. Exciting enhancements to empower merchants

Shogun Frontend is here to shorten the gap from ideas to results on a unified frontend platform.

Let’s have a look at three key platform announcements at XCOM:

A Content Management System built for headless commerce

Your content is the backbone of your ecommerce storefront, and our native CMS is flexible and scalable so your entire team can build and iterate fast.

Seamlessly integrated with your ecommerce backend on Shopify or BigCommerce, product data is dynamically updated and organized to give your headless storefront a solid foundation to stand on.

Site Experience Manager with storefront previews

Build and launch with confidence.

The Frontend Experience Manager comes with an embedded Live Preview so you can see what you’re building as you’re building it.

Preview URLs help you easily share links to your stakeholders for feedback and approvals, making the workflows for your new store pages a breeze.

Store sync (coming soon!)

Whether you’re testing a custom feature, redesigning in staging, or managing multiple sub-brands and regional storefronts, store sync is for you.

With Store sync, you can copy content from one Frontend store over to another, saving you time and effort.

3. Setting the vision: An industry-first, drag and drop Experience Manager for headless stores

Not only do we want to help you go headless without the headache, but we’ve named 2022 as the year that Shogun Frontend will take huge steps towards making headless commerce accessible.

This means empowering you to make codeless changes to your frontend as your team dreams them up.

Combining the power of drag-and-drop product experiences with the benefits of headless architecture will be a first in the industry.

This vision puts your ecommerce team in the driver’s seat, creating exceptional experiences for shoppers without page speed or performance tradeoffs.

Pre-built drag-and-drop templates—paired with an advanced theme manager—will shorten implementation time as you go headless and help ensure brand consistency for all team members as you design experiences across devices.

By bringing you drag-and-drop capability on Shogun Frontend, the benefits of headless will now be available to more businesses, big and small

4. We’ve launched a powerful Integrations Network

One of the first questions merchants ask when switching to a headless solution is, “Can we keep our existing integrations?”

The answer to this is a resounding yes.

The Shogun Integrations Network establishes close relationships with each partner and ensures that integrations are seamless for our customers.

Our team is curating a group of best-in-class partners to join our network who share our mission of enabling exceptional ecommerce experiences.

We’re excited to grow this network and provide Shogun Frontend merchants with partnerships they can trust.

We’re thrilled to share our incredible (and growing) network of partner integrations with the world

5. Get your headless store up faster with our new Starter Kit

Shogun Frontend’s Starter Kit is built to give your store a strong foundation.

With prebuilt product boxes, collections, accounts, search, and more, your teams are set up to recognize faster time-to-value.

  • For agencies, this means a higher volume of headless store implementations and a much smoother client experience.
  • For merchants, that means you can get your new frontend up and running with your inventory and branding fast.

#cta-mini-fe#Interested in gaining access to our Starter Kit? Click the following link for access:AgencyStarterKit.getshogun.com

6. Join our Agency Partner Program

The Shogun agency team revealed some exciting news to XCOM attendees: our new Agency Partner Program is officially open for business.

We’ve been working with leading agencies for some time, however, this new program is here to give merchants a range of trusted options for their new headless builds.

Agencies in the program are eligible to receive client referrals and rewards from Shogun, get access to Shogun Frontend with a sandbox account, and get acquainted with our rockstar agency partner team to get resources, roadmaps, and support as needed. You can become an agency partner here.

Shogun Page Builder

1. Page Builder now powers more than 19,000+ brands’ stores!

From solopreneurs to fortune 100 brands, Page Builder now empowers more than 19,000 customers to customize their Shopify, BigCommerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores.

Customers are raving about how easy the product is to use, and the team highlighted beautiful shopping experiences built with Page Builder from merchants FlowerMoxie.com and VaerWatches.com.


#cta-mini-pb#Want to see real stores building incredible Shogun Pages?Browse the stunning stores of our customers.

2. Updates coming to the page creation experience

The Page Builder team announced multiple initiatives aimed directly at improving the page creation experience including:

  • An overhaul to our Product + Collection Page creation flow,
  • An upgrade to our extremely popular Saved Snippets feature, and
  • A series of new pre-made templates and blocks, all arriving later this year

These features will make it even easier to get from idea to results for your store.

3. Shopify OS 2.0 compatibility

Shogun Page Builder will also be fully compatible with Shopify OS 2.0 themes and the new Shopify theme editor this month.

You’ll be able to seamlessly create pages within the product and/or Shopify and use a new and improved Shopify integration to have even more control over the look and feel of your store.

We loved hearing from our customers, all of you merchants, and our agency and integration partners at this action-packed event.

For those who attended live, we hope you enjoyed the actionable takeaways as much as we did.

For those who’ll catch the recordings here, we’re so excited to hear your feedback. And see what you build next!

#cta-visual-fe#<cta-title>Want to go headless without the headache?<cta-title>Learn how a unified headless platform can help you exceed the limits of modern commerce.Learn more

Josh Horton

Josh Horton is the Director of Product Marketing at Shogun. Josh serves as a passionate advocate of ecommerce teams, ensuring their pain points are at the center of the way Shogun creates and communicates value for Shogun Frontend and Page Builder. Please connect on LinkedIn @https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-a-horton/

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