Technical Questions

How does Shogun integrate?

We supply you with a library for your framework that typically only takes a few lines of code to install. Once you deploy, Shogun will be up and running in your app.

How does Shogun work?

Shogun generates a catch all route that checks a static file to see if the path exists on Shogun. If it exists, your server pulls down an HTML file from S3 and serves it.

Are existing pages imported into Shogun?

No, at this time Shogun only allows you to modify new pages created with Shogun.

What happens if Shogun is down?

Your site stays up! Your pages are served to you through Amazon S3 through Fastly, so your uptime doesn’t depend on us at all.

What is the output of Shogun’s code?

The Shogun editor produces pure HTML.

Does Shogun affect existing code?

Shogun in no way affects what you already have. Since our software only captures routes that don’t exist in your site, nothing that you have will ever be overridden by Shogun.

How is this different from a website builder?

Website builders don’t integrate with your existing stack. In order to utilize a service like Wix, you would have to subdomain or create a proxy server. We capture your site’s existing styles and layout to make creating new pages that fit your styles easy.

Is this a content management system?

Shogun can act as a content management system, but its primary feature is page design and creation. Often times, companies will use Shogun in tandem with their CMS or eCommerce platform to compliment page design. However, because Shogun has a robust page editor, it can also be used as CMS, and some companies use it to replace their existing solution.

Are Shogun pages responsive?

Yes. All Shogun components are built to be responsive. You can check what it will look like on different devices in the editor.

Can you create a different experience for mobile versus desktop?

You can toggle which components are visible on which sized screen, so you could build a different flow based on which device you were using.

Can you create your own templates?

Yes. Shogun supports creating your own reusable drag and drop templates. The templates are written in Liquid templating language. You can find a complete guide here.

How do you set analytics events?

Turn on the analytics platform you want to use on the add ons dashboard and add your credentials. If the platform supports event tracking, you can add specific events in the editor by clicking the component you wish to add the event to and adding the appropriate event names in the sidebar. They will be live when you republish.

Can Shogun work with 3rd party vendors?

We have a host of 3rd party integrations that you can toggle on from the site dashboard. If you need any other integrations, please just submit a request at support@getshogun.com and we will build it.

How does Shogun use existing CSS?

The Shogun editor loads inside your site’s layout, so your CSS styles automatically exist in the editor.

How does Shogun handle eCommerce?

Shogun can integrate with any platform, but we have a very simple Shopify addon that allows you to utilize your Shopify products from within the editor.

Non Technical Questions

Is there version control?

Yes. You can revert to any previously saved version of a page.

How much does Shogun cost?

$9-$49 depending on which plan you choose.

Is there technical support for Shogun?

Shogun is easy enough to use and install without any technical support, but we are always available at support@getshogun.com if you have any questions.

What training resources are offered for learning to use Shogun?

We have a series of in depth tutorial videos that show you how to use the editor and our other features. You can find these here.

What are the permissions levels for Shogun?

Shogun has admin and collaborator permissions. Collaborators can do everything except publish live pages. Admin users can publish live pages.


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