Groove Life Boosts Average Order Value by 11.7%

The activewear accessory brand improved site performance and gained creative control by taking their store headless.

increase in average revenue per user
increase in average order value
decrease in bounce rate
Groove Life

Groove Life is a maker of silicone rings, watch bands, and innovative belts designed for the adventurous. In 2016, Peter Goodwin founded the company out of a need for a wedding band that could keep up with his active lifestyle in Alaska. The brand offers comfortable, breathable silicone wedding rings, and other activewear accessories like belts and watch bands.

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Nashville, TN
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Groove Life, a maker of silicone rings, watch bands, and innovative belts for on-the-go folks, has seen tremendous growth since launching in 2016. However, the brand began to feel growing pains around their traditional ecommerce website when it came to the custom shopping experience they wanted for customers. 

Groove Life chose to build their new headless progressive web application (PWA) on Shogun Frontend with the help of Shopify Plus creative agency, Lucid. Lucid is the first Shogun agency partner to work on a Frontend build. 

After Groove Life launched their new site, they saw a 15.8% increase in average revenue per user, an 11.7% increase in average order value, and a 19% decrease in bounce rate.

The Challenge

Groove Life’s need was simple: The brand wanted to have more control over an especially memorable online shopping experience. This meant a better, faster ecommerce site for customers, more creative control for their marketing team, and less reliance on developers to execute on time-sensitive store promotions. 

The way Groove Life’s existing Shopify store had been set up prior to Shogun Frontend restricted their frontend flexibility as they scaled. As the brand's Chief Marketing Officer Bryant Garvin shared:

“We kept running into limitations...I can remember the number of times that we wanted to do something and our developers were like, ‘You can't,’ or said, ‘You're gonna have to go find a plugin for x, y, and z—or an app or something else—to get the functionality we needed.'"

Garvin had previous experience working with headless technology while working with mattress brand Purple. He knew that going headless (or using different technology to power the frontend of their site) would be a promising solution for Groove Life, too. 

The team wanted to go beyond the standard site options to differentiate their brand. Standing out from the competition meant providing customers with an especially sleek experience, which was proving to be difficult on their existing monolithic build.

“Because there are competitors out there who offer a much cheaper alternative, as a brand, we knew we needed more than just a standard landing page for collections or products or things like that,” says Garvin. “We needed to create an experience, so we don’t compete on price alone. We wanted to be able to tell the story of our products and our brand in a unique way.”

Additionally, Garvin wanted a solution that would empower Groove Life’s Ecommerce Manager, Allison Bloom, to create site pages without marketing needing to burden developers. Before Shogun Frontend, Bloom was unable to make any major changes to the website without their agency developer, which slowed things down tremendously.

“I would have to ask [the developer] for help every time we needed a landing page created, which could take a week or two from start to finish depending on their bandwidth,” says Bloom.

The Solution

Groove Life took its existing Shopify store headless using Shogun Frontend—transforming the site into a lightning-fast progressive web application (PWA).

Now, the marketing team can create new store pages, make changes to existing ones, and optimize the store’s look and feel to fit their brand needs—all without developer assistance. This saves them countless hours on launching new campaigns, adding rich media, and going back and forth with a developer.

As Stewart Knapman, Senior Lead Developer & UX Designer at Lucid shared: 

"Shogun Frontend gave us the ability to build them a suite of blocks that they can piece together, however they need." 


Groove Life’s new site powered by Shogun Frontend

Shogun Frontend also reduced Groove Life’s dependency and ongoing management of click-to-install third-party apps and plugins. 

“The bane of every Shopify store's existence is, ‘Oh, well, you can go get an app for that. [For] stuff you would expect to be built into Shopify. And you end up with hundreds of apps eventually if you've got a really complex store,” says Garvin.

With Shogun Frontend, Groove Life can make changes to their site natively without having to add and pay for various apps or plugins to support these changes. Shogun Frontend integrates with Groove Life’s existing tech stack, including Klayvio, and Justuno to name a few key connections. Overall, the brand continues to operate with the software and backend setup used to scale their store initially; now, it's more organized with each app's experience thought out and built-in.

Not only did Groove Life gain creative flexibility after going headless, but they increased the speed and performance of the store now that it’s a PWA, too. Since the launch, the overall shopping experience and UX have improved, and the lower bounce rate indicates the fast page-to-page load time is paying off.

Best of all, Groove Life transitioned to headless without making any major structural changes to their site or its backend setup. 

“It's not like we had to change the navigation or the site map,” says Garvin. “The new headless store is almost a literal mirror of the site we had previously. So that was a big thing. Plus, now it’s so easy to create new landing pages on our site. Adding to our site now feels like using a built-in landing page builder.” 

“[Before], our Mother's Day gift guide landing page would have taken I don't know how long for our other developer to create,” adds Bloom. “And [this year] we made it in a matter of an hour."

The Results

Groove Life launched their new site on Shogun Frontend in November 2020. Reporting on a timeframe from March to May 2021, overall store revenue has increased by 4.5% when compared to pre-launch revenue in a similar six-week period. 

Additionally, the brand has increased average revenue per user and average order value by 15.8% and 11.7%, respectively. The conversion rate per user has also gone up 4%.

Thanks to the decrease in page-to-page load times, the store’s overall bounce rate has also decreased by 19%. 

RHUX Analytics implemented the tracking on Groove Life’s new headless site and compiled the metrics below:

[Source: RHUX Analytics]


Shogun Frontend not only paved the way for a successful PWA launch, but it improved the way Lucid and Groove Life collaborated on the build and brought it to life.

"Having a dedicated platform behind the PWA process has allowed us to streamline the build by abstracting away all the heavy lifting of setting up servers, dealing with APIs, and creating admin interfaces for our client," says Knapman. "It has allowed us to focus on the parts that we do best, which is to make well-built, rich and engaging experiences for Groove Life and their customers."

Ultimately, on the decision to move to a headless site, Garvin shares:

“A lot of people talk about going headless and site speed because it'll improve SEO and other things like that. But the user experience and how our customers interact with the website is the most important thing to me. We wanted to build out our site in the way we wanted, without the confines of working in Liquid or the architecture that was there. If we wanted to come up with some really cool landing page or design, we needed to be able to just build it in HTML and CSS and JavaScript and no longer worry about limited functionality.”

A headless PWA was just what the Groove Life team needed to exceed the limits of modern commerce.

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