Undersun Fitness Increases YOY Conversion Rate by 500%

The fitness and nutrition brand increased revenue per user by 30.8% after launching their new progressive web app.

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Undersun Fitness

Undersun Fitness is on a mission to empower people to take control of their health through accessible, attainable, and sustainable fitness strategies. The brand offers a variety of products including their signature resistance bands, protein shakes, and training programs.

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With a passion for making fitness and nutrition accessible, Undersun Fitness is determined to help people change the way they think about exercise one resistance band at a time. 

However, the spike in at-home exercise due to the COVID-19 pandemic only added to an already-packed industry, and the need to stand out was even more critical. 

To succeed, the brand needed an online presence that would leave a lasting impression on shoppers. The ecommerce team needed to unlock total creative control and unparalleled site performance.  

Undersun Fitness looked to headless commerce to gain agility and build an online store that reflected the quality of their products and their passion for the industry, As Bill Maroulis, Undersun Fitness’ Operations and Marketing Manager says:

“We strive to position ourselves as a premium fitness offering in the space, compared to a lot of other options that are more commoditized. The quality of our products needs to be mirrored in our site experience.”

Undersun Fitness needed a differentiating factor

The Challenge

The fitness space is crowded—especially with many opting for at-home exercise solutions. And 2020 turned up the heat, says Maroulis:

“In April 2020, resistance bands became a top-selling product on Amazon. Every dropshipper looking to make a quick buck jumped into the market. The space became even more congested and it became a race to the bottom for price.”

Undersun was outgrowing their ad-hoc site where the front and backend were fused together. Instead, they wanted a sleek, elevated ecommerce experience that non-technical team members could update easily.

An engaging online shopping experience for Undersun Fitness would mean a blazing-fast site that not only communicated the premium nature of their products—resistance bands, protein shakes, and training programs—but could also accommodate rich media and a robust content library without sacrificing performance. 

Undersun Fitness also needed a way to create new site content and optimize existing pages without reinventing the wheel each time says Maroulis: 

“We were using a lot of page-building tools before switching to a [progressive web app] PWA. It was mostly myself and one other person—who I’d consider to be the more technical users on the team—making site updates. We were creating new site content every two weeks, so one of our goals was to find a solution with a better approach to building and optimizing pages. Plus, we wanted to empower the non-technical team members to make updates.”

Choosing a unified frontend solution

The Solution

Once they knew it would unlock creativity and flexibility, Undersun Fitness opted for a packaged frontend solution to build their progressive web app (PWA). This meant their nimble ecommerce team of just 10 people could focus on key areas of the customer experience instead of all the technical overhead wrangling a custom headless build typically requires. 

Undersun Fitness partnered with Shopify agency, Coldsmoke Creative, and launched their Shogun Frontend store on March 9th, 2021. 

Now, with their new Shogun-powered frontend, Undersun Fitness can add rich content throughout the site, like video, blog posts, and full-length podcast episodes, without performance lags. They can also add ecommerce features with custom fields and code to make their shopping experience even smoother, like this ‘other’s also purchased” cart modal:

The cart modal feature on UndersunFitness.com
This cart modal automatically adds an upsell element to the checkout flow. 

Adding elements like this would be challenging to do prior to taking a site headless (as frontend changes often impact the backend functions). But with a frontend now entirely separate from the Shopify backend, Undersun Fitness can now quickly experiment with conversion-driving features like this in just a few clicks with reusable components found in their Shogun Frontend Experience Manager. 

Plus, with Shogun Frontend’s preview functionality, the team can see how the site looks prior to publishing, so it’s exactly right each time they roll out something new. 

Shogun Frontend’s native CMS cuts down on the time the team spends building and launching campaigns, meaning they can get more done in less time.

Working with Coldsmoke Creative on the build meant Undersun Fitness had another trusted partner on their side to facilitate the build’s progress and beyond, says Maroulis:

“Our partnership with Coldsmoke has been critical in us being successful with headless. They act like a second set of eyes for us when we’re rolling out new features or pages to make sure we’re always on our A-game.”

The Results

A fast-loading, high-converting site customers rave about

Undersun Fitness’ new PWA is a drastic improvement from their previous site in terms of speed and site performance, and customers have taken notice.

“When we look at the time from when customers first look at a product detail page and make their way through to checkout, there’s been a significant decrease,” says Maroulis. “We’ve had customers comment on how fast the entire flow is and how impressed they are with how everything works.”

Not only are shoppers noticing how fast the site is, but they’re converting more. The fitness brand saw a 500% YOY increase in conversions comparing December 2020 to December 2021.

What’s more, the brand has seen a 30.8% increase in revenue per user—meaning customers are buying more products—and a whopping 78.5% increase in ecommerce conversion rate. 

Undersun Fitness results after implementing Shogun Frontend

Undersun Fitness expected a separate frontend with underlying PWA technology would help them grow, but couldn’t have expected their incredible results. Bill recommends that other brands aiming to scale in 2022 also consider choosing a unified frontend platform:

“If you want to move to a PWA, but aren’t sure where to start or don’t want to worry about the technical management side, you should strongly consider Shogun Frontend,” says Maroulis. “With Shogun Frontend, you can concentrate on pushing your business forward without worrying about the back office of your site.”

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