Learn how to create and edit Product Pages for Shopify using Shogun's drag and drop editor.

  1. Click "Create New Page"
  2. Choose the "Product Page" as the Page Type
  3. Import an Existing Shopify Product Page for Editing
  4. Choose to (1) Build a Custom Shopify Product Page Layout or (2) Edit your Existing Shopify Product Page Layout.

There are 2 layout options to choose from when importing a product page.

Custom Layout:
Use The Product Field Element to completely change the product page layout for Shopify, for that specific page.

**Note: This may cause loss of 3rd party app function (i.e. Reviews, Subscription apps); we are working on these integrations now.

Existing Layout: Edit your Shopify product page using your theme's existing product page layout. 

Dropzones are added above and below the main area, as were the product description is located. This option retains any third-party app functions specific to Shopify product pages.

These additional dropzones make it easy to add elements like videos to product pages in Shopify.

Although there is not yet a way to "apply to all", and set this new page layout as your Shopify product page layout for all your pages, this helps you edit your existing Shopify product pages for custom page layouts.

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