The image element now has a text field for creating beautiful text image overlays.

Please note, the text overlay feature will be deprecate soon, please use the Text Element on the Image Element instead.

Overlaying text on your image element

Overlaying elements on your Image Elements can be a great way of showcasing your content. The Image Element is a containing element, meaning that you can drag other elements on top of this element. This works similarly to the Section Element.

How to create an image overlay (to be deprecated)

  1. Add an Image Element onto your page
  2. Enter Text in the 'Text Overlay' field
  3. Choose Text Font
  4. Choose Font Style
  5. Choose Text Size
  6. Choose Text Color
  7. Choose Text Position

How to Change the Font of an Image Overlay

The fonts from the Image Element overlay is provided by the Google Fonts API.

How to Change the Text Color of an Image Overlay

You can set the color of the text in your image overlay using the color picker provided by the editor.

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