Absolutely! You can import and edit most of your existing pages of your store, with some exceptions to this that we will discuss later. Shogun will pull in your text and images, but will not be able to import more complex page elements, and theme specific features.

When importing Product Pages, any third party applications that are inserted into the standard product template of your theme will remain on the page as Shogun product pages will make use of this template. Click here for more documentation on this.

So what can you import?

  • Standard pages
  • Blog articles
  • Product pages
  • Collections pages

How do I import my existing pages?

It's super easy. To get started, simply search for your page using the search bar on the top of the Shogun dashboard! This can be done with all page that can be imported into Shogun.

For Product Pages, there is another option that you can use to import your Product Pages. You can go through the same process as you would with creating a new page, this will import the page for you to edit.

What pages are controlled by my theme and not editable within Shogun?

Certain pages are controlled by your theme, and as such can not be edited with Shogun at the moment. You will notice that these pages are not returned when you search for them within the Shogun dashboard.

  • The checkout page of your site
  • The cart page of your site
  • Your homepage (this can be overridden using this tutorial)
  • The blog page (though you can create and edit articles within Shogun)
  • The 404 page, or any other error page
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