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What happens to my pages when I uninstall Shogun on BigCommerce?
What happens to my pages when I uninstall Shogun on BigCommerce?

You keep your pages after you uninstall.

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How can I cancel my Shogun account on BigCommerce?

We are sorry to see you go! Uninstalling Shogun from your BigCommerce account will cancel your subscription. Nothing more needs to be done on your end! More information on how to uninstall an app on BigCommerce can be found in the article below,

We would love to hear any feedback that you have for us before you go! Please reach out to πŸ™‚.

What happens to my live pages once I uninstall Shogun?

You keep all your pages and changes, even after you uninstall. They stay with your store as live pages, served up as pure HTML.

However, due to security measures, Shogun will no longer be able to access product information once the app is uninstalled. This means the Product Box elements will no longer be able to display product information after uninstalling. The pages that you are using them on will continue to operate as expected, but the Product Box and its contained fields will no longer load on the page.

In addition, Shogun form and form box elements will stop collecting data after an indeterminate amount of time. If you are using custom forms on your page, they will continue to operate.

The aforementioned issues can be resolved by reinstalling Shogun, if desired.

​Note: Editing pages outside of Shogun can cause parity issues or the stripping of styles by your platform's WYSIWYG editor. Read more about prevent and resolving parity issues here.

Will my content still be there if I reinstall?

Simply reinstall to get right back to where you were before you uninstalled. Your content and data will still be there.

Note: Missed form submissions that were not able to be collected due to the Shogun app being uninstalled will not be recoverable.

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