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Embed your Instagram Feed into a Page
Embed your Instagram Feed into a Page

Add your Instagram feed to any page using the Instagram element. Display description and hashtag content or just the images.

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How to Embed Your Instagram Feed in Your Shogun Pages

To get started, drag the Instagram Element onto your page. From here, you will need to add your account in order to display your feed.

You can choose to hide the description of the images from the Instagram Element. Simply toggle this in the right-hand menu of the editor.

Changing The Amount of Pictures Shown

Shogun gives you control of the amount of posts that are loaded, as well as the number of posts in a column. This can help you refine the look of the Instagram element.

Changing The Behavior of The Images

Sometimes you want to direct the user to your social account without making them leave the site, use the 'open links in new window' option to do this.

How to remove your Instagram account

Removing an Instagram account from Shogun is super simple. First, you will need to ensure that you are logged into the Instagram account that you would like to remove from Shogun. Next, navigate to the 'Authorized Apps' section of your profile settings. You can then opt to 'revoke access' to Shogun. 

Once you are logged in, you can click here to go to the right page.

Note: It can take some time for the account that is removed to depopulate from the dropdown, as this information is only occasionally queried.

How to add multiple Instagram accounts

In order to add another account to Shogun, first, ensure that you are logged out of an already connected Instagram account. Next, log into the Instagram account that you would like to connect, you can now go about the standard method of adding an account.

Why aren't my Instagram posts showing?

There are a couple of reasons why your posts may not be showing on your page.

  • If the element has just been added to your page, there can be an initialization period of up to 24 hours before your posts will start to show on the page.

  • If your Instagram account is set to 'private', Instagram requires that the account is re-authorized every 60 days to ensure that the account has not fallen victim to misuse.

  • "Your account is connected to your Facebook account, and your Facebook account's future off-Facebook activity is currently turned off". This is a privacy setting that has been enabled on the Facebook account that the Instagram account is linked to:

  • The Instagram element fetches data from our server, which hits the Instagram API internally and caches the data for an hour. If new posts are created within the hour that the data is cached, they won't show up until that cache expires and we fetch data again from Instagram API.

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