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Creating a sense of urgency with the Countdown Timer
Creating a sense of urgency with the Countdown Timer
The countdown timer is great for ecommerce websites looking to create a sense of urgency with sales.
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The Countdown Timer Element in Shogun is a great method of creating a sense of urgency for your customers and driving sales.

How to Use the Countdown Timer Element

To get started with the Countdown Timer Element, simply drag one onto your page.

Setting the Timer From Page Refresh

You can set the element to start a countdown from the time the visitor enters the page. This can help create a sense of urgency on a product page.

Setting the Timer to a Certain Date

You can also set the Countdown Timer Element to count down to a certain date. This can be useful for counting down the time till the end of a sale.

The default behavior of the Countdown element is to 'Use shop timezone' the value of which can be seen and set on your eCommerce platform, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues across timezones.

When 'Use shop timezone' is toggled off the calendar above will operate off of machine time.

Changing the Time Labels

If you want to customize the labels of the Countdown Timer Element, you can do so in the Custom Labels section of the Countdown Timer Element.

Changing the Size of the Countdown Timer Element

There are three size options for the Countdown Timer Element: small, medium, or large. You can change these in the settings of the element.

Changing the alignment of the Countdown Timer Element

The Countdown Timer Element comes with a selection of alignment options that you can use to customize it to your liking. These options allow you to set the justification of the text of your timer.

Changing the text color of the Countdown Timer Element

Customizing the text color to match the style of your site is an important feature to ensure that your site flows the way that you would like it to.

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