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De-clutter your pages using Tabs
De-clutter your pages using Tabs

The tab element allows you to organize your page by placing content on different tabs.

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Tabs are a great way of organizing your content and can help ensure your pages do not look cluttered. All of the content in Shogun's tabs is readable by search engines.

How to Get Started with the Tabs Element

To get started with the Tabs Element, simply drag it onto a page. You will notice that once this is on the page, you will be given new dropzones inside of the Tabs Element that will allow you to drag other elements into the Tabs Element.

Click the Add Tab button to create tabs. Click the "X" icon next to the tab name in the Controls sidebar to remove a tab. Click and drag the tabs in the Controls sidebar to change their order.

Changing the Appearance of Your Tabs

Shogun offers you the ability to change the theme of your tabs between Rectangular and Sloped. Each of these options changes the shape of the clickable tab.

Change the Color of Tabs

The Tabs Element gives you options to customize the look and feel of your tabs. The Default Color sets the overall style of each tab. The Active Colors control the appearance of the selected/open tab. These options appear at the bottom of the Controls sidebar menu.

There are also options for controlling the border and fonts of the tabs.

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