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Shogun is missing a feature I need. What now?
Shogun is missing a feature I need. What now?

If you want a special feature, use Custom Elements and the HTML element to fully customize your elements and pages in Shogun.

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Please note: Shogun support are unable to offer support on existing custom coded elements, or new custom-coded elements. Custom code is outside of the scope of Shogun Support.

Although we can't build everything just the way all of our users would like, we do offer the ability to do just that. Custom Elements and the HTML element allow you to include custom features, such as a popup, sticky (floating) elements, or custom tracking codes.

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us your suggestions to and we can ensure it gets to the right team.

Adding a feature using Custom Elements

Custom Elements allow our users to use code to build reusable elements that meet their exact specifications.

Adding a feature using the HTML element

The HTML element allows our users to integrate with other plugins or apps that have a more advanced version of our elements (forms, slider, etc.), and it also allows our users to use HTML to customize the styling of our existing elements.

Modifying an element using CSS or JavaScript

Each Shogun element has a CSS Class field in its Advanced style settings. Adding a custom class to an element will allow developers to use CSS or JavaScript/jQuery to incorporate additional custom styles or extended functionality into the page.

The related code for customizations can be incorporated into the theme's files or into an HTML element on the page.

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