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Can we hire someone at Shogun to build pages for us?
Can we hire someone at Shogun to build pages for us?
We can recommend some Shopify experts who can design and develop Shogun pages for you. Or code Custom Elements.
Written by Edward Savoy
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If you're looking for someone to help with page building or custom element coding in Shogun, here are our recommendations - from agencies to freelance work, you'll be able to find the expert that you need.


Shogun has an extensive list of agency partners that we work with to help their clients build beautiful sites, with the help of Shogun.

Interested in becoming an agency partner? Check out our Partners application.

Developer Services


A developer service that is able to help with one-off Shopify tasks


A company focusing on affordable custom development projects for Shopify


Experts on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms

Shopify Experts Directory

A list of all the designers, devs, agencies, etc that can help you get set up.


A network for recruiting verified, freelance designers and developers with experience in Shopify and BigCommerce

We recommend that you ask them to build your pages in Shogun; that way you can easily maintain them without having to ask a developer to make a style change, or a designer to build a new page section section. Basically Shogun becomes your friendly content management system :)

Let us know if you have any questions.

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