We have been getting more and more requests for multistore Support features, and we will be building them into the Pro plan for Shogun.

For our paying (non trial) Pro plan clients, what we can do right now is duplicate one store's standard pages and blog articles over to another. Please note, at this time, we can not copy pages with custom elements included on them.

For our Enterprise customers, please see the information below to make the most of the sync feature available to you. We currently can not copy pages outside of the sync functionality available to you.

Can Product Pages be copied between stores?

Product pages cannot be copied between accounts as they are unique to each store. It is possible to use Snippets to transfer that content to a standard page, copy those pages to another store, then use Snippets again to transfer the content back to a product page.

How can I copy pages between stores?

You can request to have pages copied from any store with a paying Pro Shogun license to any other store with a Shogun license (regardless of plan), as long as the license is billable. This request should be submitted from an email address that is listed as a user on both accounts.

We will not be able to copy pages from an account that is on Starter or Essential, and we will not be able to copy to any store that is not billable (i.e. ones in trial or test stores). We are also not able to copy pages that contain custom elements. Sorry!

We do plan on making store duplication, page duplication, and cross store snippets and custom elements available as multistore support features in the future.

For now, if you want standard page duplication done, just email us this:

Name of the store to Copy:

Name of the store to Copy To:

Title(s) of Pages to Copy:

You can send this request to support@getshogun.com and one of our support team will help copy these pages for you.

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