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How do I make a Collection Page for Shopify?
How do I make a Collection Page for Shopify?
How to edit your Shopify Collection pages using Shogun
Written by Edward Savoy
Updated over a week ago

Once you've created a Collection in your Shopify account, you can import it into Shogun to add custom content.

How to Edit a Collection Page in Shogun

There are two methods of importing your collection page inside of Shogun.

Importing via the dashboard search

You can simply search for your collection page using the dashboard search - if this is not imported you will be given the option to import the page so that you can edit it within Shogun!

Importing via the create page flow

Another option for importing your collection pages would be to use the create page button that is inside of your dashboard.

You will see 3 drop zones with which you can make additions of new elements to your page showcased below

The products displayed on the collection page are controlled by your theme's template and the Shopify catalogue. Shogun can be used to add dynamic content into the top, bottom, and collection description regions of the page.

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