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How do I add a GIF to a page in Shogun?
How do I add a GIF to a page in Shogun?
You can use an Image Element or upload the GIF elsewhere, and use the HTML component to embed your GIF.
Written by Edward Savoy
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Adding a GIF to the Image element

You can insert your GIFs into the Image Element just like any other image file. This makes it super simple to style your pages with GIFs. Simply drag and drop an Image Element onto your page and add the GIF file, just like you would an image file! 

Why is my GIF not playing?

There are some limitations to the GIF files that can be used within the Image Element.

  • GIF files can not have custom timings, as this can cause the GIF file to stutter when playing on the page and in the editor.

  • GIF files must be animated, if they are not animated, they will not show on the page.

  • GIF files with transparent backgrounds are currently not supported.

Using the HTML element to display your GIF

Uploading a GIF to an external site is also possible, you can simply use the HTML Element that Shogun offers to display your GIF on your page. Check out the code below on how to do this.

<img src="your-gif-link-goes-here" />

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