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Error: Body_HTML: is too big (maximum is 64kb).
Error: Body_HTML: is too big (maximum is 64kb).

This is the reason behind the Shopify Error: Body_HTML: is too big (maximum is 64kb).

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Ecommerce platforms set limits on the amount of code that can be stored. For example, Shopify only allows up to 64kb of content for product description and collection descriptions.

When the amount of content within a dropzone exceeds Shopify's limits, an error message of Body_HTML is too big will appear when publishing.

Additional notes:

  • A similar error with a 512kb limit can occur on standard page types.

  • Sections have a limit of 256kb.

  • Metafields have a limit of 5 million characters. Dropzones that exceed this limit will receive an error of metafields.value: cannot exceed 5000000 characters

What causes this error?

The limit applies to the amount of content within the page, including all the HTML, CSS and Javascript that is generated for its elements. Shogun goes to great lengths to make sure the size of your elements is minimal. While this error message is rare, it can appear when there is an excessive number of elements in the main content area of the page.

How to resolve this error message?

These limits are imposed by the ecommerce platform. Unfortunately, Shogun is unable to remove or increase these content limits. As a solution, we advise reducing the total number of elements on the page by splitting large volumes of content into multiple pages, or by removing any unnecessary elements:

  • Review the Layout panel to get an overview of the elements of your page. Consider removing elements that you may not need, including duplicates that may have been created for alternate devices.

  • For elements that have been duplicated for devices, consider applying alternate styles based on device. This can reduce the need of duplicate element, which would reduce the size of the page's overall content.

  • Check the Text element for images that have been pasted in from Word docs or other external sources. Pasting images into a Text element will cause the visual to be converted to a long string of characters. Instead, use the Upload option in the Text element's toolbar to place your image or use the Image element.
    (The Image element is recommended as it allows for extra design customization and control.)

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