If you are seeing this error: Error: Body_HTML: is too big (maximum is 64kb).

What causes this error?

This problem occurs from time to time and the issue is that Shopify only supports pages up to 64kb in size. That's the code of the page, including all the HTML, CSS and Javascript that we embed for the elements that you choose to include on your page. A while back, we went to great lengths to make sure the size of Shogun elements was minimal, and we rarely see this issue on our pages.

Unfortunately Shogun has no control over this and the best we can advise is to try splitting up the page or reducing it in size, consider removing elements that you may not need.

How to prevent this?

We recommend evaluating your page and determining if there are any unnecessary elements that do not need to be inserted into your page and removing these. remember to check each of the different screen settings to ensure that you do not miss any elements that do not need to be there.

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