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How do I build a completely custom form in Shogun?
How do I build a completely custom form in Shogun?
If our form box element isn't what you're looking for, you can use the HTML element to embed forms built with a 3rd party application.
Written by Edward Savoy
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How to embed a third-party form in your Shogun pages

We do offer a Form Box element that is useful as a standard contact form for collecting messages and info from your store's visitors. If you're looking for a more robust option or an integration with your CRM, you can easily use services Wufoo or Typeform to create custom forms and embed them in Shogun using the HTML component. Your mailing list or CRM service also likely has an embeddable form available, which can be included in your Shogun pages with this same method.

Embedding forms is a simple process with no coding experience required. Simply copy the embed code from your custom form, drag an HTML element into your Shogun page, then paste in the embed code.

You can check out the HTML element documentation for more information on how to insert custom code on your pages.

We recommend checking in with the third-party sites themselves for more information on where to find the embed code for their custom forms.

Custom forms can also be helpful if you need to redirect users to new pages once they have completed the form, if you need to include a captcha into your forms, or if you would like to include your form in a lightbox.

Adding a subscribe form

Adding subscribe forms from mailing list services, such as MailChimp and Klaviyo, is pretty easy with the HTML element. These services offer tools to build a custom form for your newsletters and marketing campaigns. They also allow you to set a redirect page for your form. Once you have built your form and acquired its embed code, you can use the HTML element in Shogun to add the form to your page.

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