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How to find your Shopify storefront password
How to find your Shopify storefront password

This is how to find your Shopify storefront password and enter it into Shogun's settings. This allows the editor to display your theme.

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If you have a password protected store, we highly recommend entering your storefront password in your Shogun settings before you begin editing.

Entering your storefront password will allow for the theme's files to be loaded into the editor, which will give you a more accurate editing experience.

Note: The storefront password is not the personal password used to log into your Shopify account. It is the temporary password used on your store's Coming Soon page.

Where Do I Find My Storefront Password?

The storefront password is a randomly generated password that can be found in your Shopify settings. Navigate to 'Online Store' and then into 'Preferences'.

Where Do I Insert My Storefront Password into Shogun?

Inserting your storefront password into Shogun is super simple. You can insert this into the 'Settings' of your Shogun dashboard.

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