There are two common methods for responsively sizing and centering elements in the Shogun editor.

Option 1: Using Columns to Center Content

Using Columns is a quick and easy option. Simply add a 3-column element into the page, then place your content in the center column.

The Column Widths slider can be used to adjust the size of the columns.

Option 2: Using Maximum Width & Auto Margins

Another option for centering elements is to combine the Maximum Width setting with auto Margins.

Select the element you'd like to center. In the Dimensions style options, set a Max Width to limit its size:

Next, go to the element's Margins options. On the left & right margins, click on the "px" next to the text input and select "auto" from the dropdown. This will center the element.

Vertically Centering Page Content

We have a great article available that can help you get to grips with centering content vertically. Check it out below,

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