Controlling the Size and Centering of Elements

There are two options for centering elements in the Shogun editor.

Option 1: Using Columns to Center Content

Using Columns is a quick and easy option. Simply add a 3-column element into the page, then place your content in the center column.

The Column Sizes slider can be used to adjust the width of the columns.

Option 2: Using Max Width & Auto Margins to Scale Down and Center Elements

Another option for centering elements is to combine the Maximum Width setting with auto Margins.

Select the element you'd like to center. In the Advanced style options, set a Maximum Width to limit its size:

Next, go to the element's Margins options. On the left & right margins, click on the "px" next to the text input and select "auto" from the dropdown. This will center the element.

Vertically Centering Page Content

We have a great article available that can help you get to grips with centering content vertically. Check it out below,

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