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How do I restore my original BigCommerce homepage?
How do I restore my original BigCommerce homepage?

Simple steps to revert your BigCommerce homepage to the theme's original version.

Updated over a week ago

If you've used Shogun's "Set as homepage" button to replace your BigCommerce storefront and would like to return to the original version, you can do so with just a few clicks.

Note: "Set as homepage" is a new feature to Shogun. An option to unset the homepage from the dashboard will also be added. In the meantime, these steps can be followed.

In your BigCommerce dashboard, go to your Storefront section and select Web Pages from the sidebar menu.

Find the name of your Shogun homepage in the list web pages, and click on the title to open that page's options.

Scroll down to the page's Advanced Options section, and uncheck the "Display as Homepage" option. Save the changes.

This will unset your current homepage, and restore the theme's original homepage.

After you've manually reverted to the original storefront, the page may still have a "homepage" tag next to it on the Shogun dashboard. This is only an indicator tag and does not mean it is active as the current homepage on your store. The tag will remove itself when the "unset homepage" feature is released.

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