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How to automatically align content in columns
How to automatically align content in columns
If your elements don't align in a row you can learn how to automatically align them using our new auto align content switch.
Written by Edward Savoy
Updated over a week ago

Due to differences in image size, the amount of text, or header size elements in a column may not align; these images may appear staggered when viewing them on the page.

If your column looks unbalanced like here you can use our 'equal column heights' button to align each element.

To make sure that each of your elements aligns in this example you can go over to your right sidebar once your column has been selected and toggle 'equal column heights' on.

NOTE: This toggle only affects the 'first child' (the element coming immediately after the column element in the breadcrumb at the bottom of the page) in each column, so if you have multiple elements in either column, dragging them into a single container element is recommended.

NOTE 2: The product box element acts as 'first child' in our editor, so putting product box content inside something like a container isn't required for the content to expand with the 'equal column heights' toggle.

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