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How can I add a product collection to any page on Shopify?
How can I add a product collection to any page on Shopify?
Use the Product Collection Element to Add a Collection to Standard, Blog, Product, and Other Collection Pages.
Written by Edward Savoy
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You can easily add a product collection to any page using this element.

How to Use The Product Collection Element

In the right sidebar under "Elements" scroll down until you see the "Collection" element under "Shopify" heading.

Then simply drag the element where you would like to place it on your page.

In the right sidebar you can then change what collection is being displayed, the number of columns per row, and the number of products from the collection displayed.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: the order of the products in your Collection Element may differ between the editor and the live page. This should be taken into account when creating content inside the product boxes of your Collection Element.

Product Sync

With the introduction of our Collection Element > Product Sync feature, you can now make bulk edits to all of the Product Boxes (and the elements inside them) across an entire collection! This can help ensure a consistent design across all of your products in your collections.

How does it work?

As soon as you enable Product Sync, any changes you make to a product box (or its child elements) will update across the other product boxes in your collection.

Some ways you can use Product Sync:

  • Adding/deleting product box elements

  • Changing the color, size and positioning of product box elements

Changing any product information within your ecommerce platform will filter through, meaning that you do not need to revisit Page Builder unless you wish to make design changes, or updates!

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