When importing a product page into Shogun, you will be presented with the option to either use a "Custom Layout" or an "Existing Layout."

Custom Layouts

When choosing the Custom Layout option, you will be presented with a blank page with a Product Box. This will make use of the product.shogun.custom liquid template file that we add to your theme.

From here, you can use Shogun elements to build your product page from the ground up! You can learn more about product boxes and product elements here:

Once you've created a Custom Layout you like,  you can save it as a Snippet to quickly & easily re-use that layout on other imported product pages. 

Existing Layouts

The Existing Layout option leverages the theme's default product template, the product.liquid template file. This makes it possible to use third-party product apps alongside Shogun content. 

When choosing the existing product layout, you will be presented with a product page with three dropzones: Above, Main, and Below.

The "Main" dropzone is what's known as the theme's product description.  The "Above" and "Below" dropzones are custom full-width regions that allow you to add extra dynamic content into your product page.

You can also view the contents of each dropzone using the Layout panel in the right sidebar.

If your theme has features that are not supported directly by Shogun but are built into the product template, such as swatches, size charts, pop-ups or different variant options, we recommend making use of the existing layout option within Shogun.

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