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How do I upgrade my plan?
How do I upgrade my plan?

Learn how to update your Shogun plan easily through our dashboard.

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Shogun offers multiple plans to fit your needs. We know that business needs change, so we make it simple for you to change your Shogun plan.

How to change Shogun plans

To get started, go to the Settings page in your Shogun dashboard.

In the Plans panel of the Settings page, you will see:

  • The plan that you are currently on and its monthly cost

  • The number of trial days remaining, if any

  • The option to change plan

Selecting Compare plans will display a page that contains the current plans offered.

This page displays a side-by-side comparison of the plans available. Selecting Upgrade or Downgrade on your plan of choice will allow you to change plans.

Plan details and prices vary per ecommerce platform and are subject to change. Please refer to your platform's app store page or the in-app Compare Plans page for the most recent plan & pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The settings page says I'm currently on an outdated plan. What does that mean?

This means your account is currently on a plan that is no longer offered. As new features have been developed and released, outdated plans are being phased out. You can choose to remain on this outdated plan for the time being, but if you want to access new features, you’ll need to switch to one of the newer plans.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on an outdated plan, there will not be an option to return to that plan upon reinstalling the app or moving to a new plan. This is because outdated plans have been deprecated and cannot be reinstated.

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