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How do I manage Shogun users in BigCommerce?
How do I manage Shogun users in BigCommerce?
How to add and remove collaborators from your Shogun account
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Viewing Users

A list of the users who have access to your Shogun editor can be found in the Team page of your Shogun dashboard.

You can view the user details by clicking on the user's name, you can view their name, email address, how long they have been a user and change their role on the account.

Adding Users

Shogun collaborators can be added by creating User accounts for them in BigCommerce's dashboard. Users can be given access to Shogun through the Single-Click App permissions.

Note: a users default role will be 'administrator' - this can be changed by another administrator.

Removing Users

If you would like to revoke the access for any of your collaborators, simply click the delete button in the member's details.

User Limits

If your account has exceeded the number of users for your selected plan, the Store Owner can remove extra collaborators or can upgrade the plan to allow for more users.

When an account has exceeded its user limits, the Store Owner will also receive an email notification informing them of these options.

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