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How do I clear my cache on Mac?
How do I clear my cache on Mac?

How to clear your cache on popular browsers on macOS.

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Clearing the cache of your browser is sometimes necessary if you are having issues with old information being stored in your browser.

Common issues that can usually be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies include: pages being stuck publishing, getting stuck at the 'tips' screen, the 'save' prompt on a page spinning endlessly, and specific pages in the editor not loading.

A common cause that would require the need to clear cache is logging into multiple ecommerce accounts at once. Clearing cache helps ensure the data in your browser is relevant to the store you are working within.

How to Clear Your Cache in Google Chrome

Chrome is the recommended browser for using Shogun. To clear your cache on Chrome (our recommended browser), you will first need to access your history by pressing CMD + Y. You will then see the option to 'clear browsing data'.

You will then get the option to clear your data. Please ensure that 'cookies and other site data' is selected.

More information available from Google:

How to Clear your Local Storage in Chrome

  1. While in Shogun dashboard, open Chrome's DevTools. This is done by right-clicking in the browser and selecting "Inspect"

  2. In the DevTools window that opens, click the Application tab to open the Application panel. (This location of this tab may vary based on your DevTool preferences.)

  3. In the left sidebar, expand the Local Storage menu. Right-click on and select Clear.

How to Clear Your Cache in Firefox

To clear your cache in Firefox, first navigate to the Preferences (CMD + ,). From here, you will need to select the 'privacy & security' sub header. You will then see the option to 'clear now' under the 'cached web content' header.

More information available from Mozilla:

How to Clear Your Cache in Safari

To clear your cache in Safari, firstly navigate to the Preferences (CMD + ,). Navigate to the 'privacy' tab. From here, you will see an option to 'manage website data'.

Selecting 'manage website data' will give you the option to 'remove all'.

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