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Why won't my videos autoplay?
Why won't my videos autoplay?
Some browsers block the autoplay feature of some videos. Learn more about how to troubleshoot and resolve this.
Written by Edward Savoy
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Modern browser behavior have recently changed policies regarding autoplaying videos on your site.

The below policies relate to the Video Element and the Container Element's Background Video.

Autoplay Policies in Google Chrome (66+)

  • Muted autoplay videos are allowed

  • Autoplay with sound is allowed if: the user has interacted with the site; on desktop, if they have previously played a video with sound on the site, or; on mobile, if the user has added the site to their home screen.

Autoplay Policies in Safari (11+)

  • Muted autoplay videos are allowed

  • Muted videos will not play if they are off-screen or hidden in the background tab

Autoplay Policies in Microsoft Edge

This can be disabled by the user, please go to Settings > Advanced and ensure that 'Media autoplay' is set to allow.

If you are having issues with your videos not playing, please ensure that you do not have multiple videos with autoplay and sound enabled as your browser could be blocking these from playing. We would also recommend avoiding sound in your autoplay videos so that the browser does not block the playing of these.

Autoplay Policies for Mobile Devices

Whether a video will auto-play on mobile will depend on the device on which the page is being viewed. Most mobile browsers will disable auto-playing videos in order to preserve bandwidth & battery and to prevent performance issues.

Mobile visitors will still be able to view the video through the embedded player's Play button.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help.

This information is subject to change and is correct as of November 2018.

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