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Adding text with the Text Element
Adding text with the Text Element
The Text Element allows for you to add text content right into your page.
Written by Edward Savoy
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The Text Element is one of the most powerful elements that Shogun has to offer - it's one of the most used elements within Shogun! To get started, drag one onto your page! 

How To Style Your Text

The text editor gives you a lot of options to style your text. You can choose from bold, italic, underlined and striked out.

You can also choose to give your text the sub- or super-script.

You can choose from some pre-define styles too! These include styles for headers and normal divs. These can be found in a dropdown menu of the toolbar.

Adding a Hyperlink to your text is super simple and can be useful for linking your users to other resources from within your text.

You can choose the Target of your hyperlink, you can have the link open in a new window or not.

How To Change The Font

It's possible to change the font that you are using in your Text Element. We provide the option to use built in fonts, or fonts that are pulled in from your theme. You can check out our Custom Font article for more information on how to add your own fonts.

How To Change The Font Size

Font size can be changed with the text editor. This can be useful when styling your content. 

How to Change The Font Weight

You can edit the font weight in the text editor.

How to Change The Line Height

Using the Line Height option, the height of the line of your content can be modified to better suit your needs.

How to Change The Letter Spacing

The Letter Spacing option allows you to change the letter spacing of your content.

How to Change The Text Color and Background Color

Changing the text color and the background color of that text is super easy within Shogun using the Text Element.

How to Change The Text Alignment

It's possible to change the alignment of your text within the Text Element.

  • Align left

  • Align center

  • Align right

  • Justify

This can give you some great options to customize your content.

How to Add Numbered and Bullet Points To Your Pages

Adding numbered and bullet points to your page is a great way of listing content on your pages. The Text Element can help you with this.

Changing The Text Direction of The Text Element

Changing the text direction in Shogun is super simple. This can be helpful for supporting right-to-left languages.

How to Add An Inline Image To Your Text

Adding inline images to your Text Elements can be super helpful.

You can align this image to have your text wrap around this using the alignment options. First, select the image, and then select the alignment from the toolbar.

Changing the Text Element style

You can change the text element style to match your content, or to allow you to customize this to your needs. The 'Theme Style' will inherit the CSS from your theme, whereas the 'Custom Style' option will reset all of the styles of your text except for the font face that you are using.

For example, if the theme is set to hide bullet points on unordered lists, then the 'Theme Style' will also have hidden bullet points, but the 'Custom Style' will show the bullet points.

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