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How to find your BigCommerce preview code
How to find your BigCommerce preview code

Inserting your preview code into Shogun allows for Shogun to pull in your theme, letting you view more of your site as you edit.

Updated over a week ago

We understand that testing your store before setting it live is important. Including the preview code from your BigCommerce store is important to allow Shogun to bring your design. This helps with ensuring that you see your full site while you are editing.

Where do I find this preview code?

To locate your preview code, go to the Dashboard and scroll to the Review & test your store section. It is also located on the preview banner that displays on the top of the page when you click View Store. The preview code will be a string of alphanumeric characters.

Where do I insert this into Shogun?

To insert this into Shogun, go to the Dashboard and navigate to the Settings. From the General settings, you will see the option to insert your Preview code.

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