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How do I display reviews on my Shopify pages?
How do I display reviews on my Shopify pages?

The Product Reviews element allows you to display reviews from other apps on your Shogun pages.

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Reviews are an excellent way to showcase your products. It is now very easy to display reviews on any of your Shogun pages.

To get started, you can drag a Product Box onto your page, and then add a Products Review Element.

Review Integrations

Stylizing your Review Element

How to show the star rating of your product

To show the star rating, without showing the reviews associated with it, you can check the Show Collection Page Stars option. You can check out how to use this below,

Customizing the look of your reviews 

There are plenty of options to make this element fit into your design. You can choose the primary color, the color of the star rating, the text color and the button text color.

Changing the amount of reviews to show

You can change the amount of reviews that are on display on a single page on your page.

Limiting the character amount in your reviews

Sometimes, setting a limit on the amount of characters that your users can sometimes be a good idea. This can be done in Shogun using the Review Character Limit.

Setting your fonts

Setting the fonts of elements are important in order to make sure that your content looks consistent on your page.

Note: Integrations with additional apps will be available in the future.

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