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Optimizing your pages with A/B Testing
Optimizing your pages with A/B Testing

Recommended tools for split testing your Page Builder pages

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Optimizing the performance of your page is helpful for increasing sales and conversions. Running A/B tests can determine which pages and designs are more successful for clickthroughs and conversions.

There are multiple A/B testing tools on the market. We recommend the following solutions for split testing your store's pages:

If you're new to exploring A/B testing, Google Optimize is a free solution that incorporates directly into Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Google also provides step-by-step directions on setting up Google Optimize in your store, creating your first A/B test, and creating a redirect test.

Note: Google has announced the Sunset of Optimize to occur on September 30th 2023 with a refocus on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with A/B testing features. We anticipate Shogun will continue to work with Optimize until the cut-off date, and that more information on A/B testing features coming to GA4 will be available soon.

Shogun's native A/B testing was sunset on August 31, 2022. With multiple, dedicated tools available for in-depth testing, we've decided to focus our efforts on continuing to improve our core no-code page building experience.

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