Shadows can be added to the majority of elements within Shogun, and it's super easy to do it! To get started, drag an element onto your page - we are going to be using the Section Element for this article.

Once you have your element in place, click on it and navigate to the righthand menu of the element. Scrolling down, you will find the 'Box Shadow' option. 

Changing the color of the box shadow

Once you open up the options for the box shadow, you will be presented with color options that you can configure to your linking.

Changing the position of your box shadow

There are two options to determine the offset position of your box shadow, horizontal and vertical. Horizontal determines the horizontal offset of the box shadow, and the vertical option determines the vertical offset of the box shadow.

Styling your box shadow 

There are currently two options when it comes to styling your box shadows: bur and spread.

Blur allows you to apply a blur to your content, which can help make the shadow blend more into the background and create a beautiful visual effect.

Spread determines the size of the box shadow, this can be used to make the box shadow larger or smaller, depending on your needs.

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