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Get more from your pages with analytics
Get more from your pages with analytics

Shogun provides analytical data for your pages, so you know which pages are performing at their best, and which could use some tweaking.

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Shogun offers you extensive analytics options to ensure that your pages are performing optimally. We know how important analytics is to you - so we built it right into Shogun! To get started hit the "..." menu on the page you'd like to view analytics on in the dashboard.

Shogun analytics are a great way of keeping track of the devices that your visitors view your website from, this can help you ensure that your store is optimised for your customer's needs.

Sales Conversions

Shogun can help you track sales conversions on your pages, this tracks the total $ amount of placed orders from add to carts on this page. This can be super helpful in measuring the performance of a product page, or simply a page with an add to cart button added to it.

Note: Shogun only has the ability to track sales from a Shogun Add to Cart button. If you are using an add to cart button from your theme or a third-party app that affects the add-to-cart process, this may not be tracked.

Add to Cart

Measure the percentage of users who added this product to cart from anywhere on the page. 

Total Sessions

Tracking the total traffic that passes through your pages is important to track the performance of your page compared to your sales, the good news? Shogun can help with that. You can check out the total sessions section of your pages analytics to get more information.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate analytics measure the amount of visitors that have visited your page, but have not gone any further on your stores. This may hint at it being a good idea to review your page for any design changes.

Top Clickthrough Destinations

Figuring out where your users go after visiting your page is key to get inside the mind of your customer, to know what they are looking for. This can be helpful in directing your customers to the pages that you would like them to be visiting.

Top Outside Referrers

Your customers may come to your Shogun pages from numerous different sources, keeping track of your referrers can be a great way of taking full advantage of these. Shogun can help you keep track of these on your pages to give you the information that you need.

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