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Get more from your pages with analytics
Get more from your pages with analytics

Shogun provides analytical data for your pages, so you know which pages are performing at their best, and which could use some tweaking.

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Shogun offers extensive analytics options for viewing how your pages are performing. We know how important analytics are - so we built it right into Shogun! 

Accessing Shogun Analytics

To get started, click on the the "Page Analytics" option in the left sidebar of your Shogun dashboard.

Viewing Analytic Details

Filters within the Page Analytics view allow you to view metrics for specific pages and timeframes.

Selecting a Specific Page

While viewing your account's Page Analytics section, use the dropdown in the upper-right corner to select which page's metrics you'd like to view.

It is also possible to jump to a specific page's analytics from the Pages view on your Shogun dashboard. To do this, click on the 3-dot icon next to any page in your account then select the Analytics option.

Selecting a Date Range

In the upper-right corner of the Page Analytics view, use the date range dropdown to select a timeframe for the displayed data. Once a timeframe is selected, click the Apply button to view the selected page's results.

Viewing Metric Details

Hover your mouse over a chart to see the exact result for each date within the displayed timeframe.

Metrics Tracked in Shogun Analytics

Shogun helps you keep track of multiple metrics so you can see how pages are performing with sales conversions, clickthrough rates, page views, bounce rate, and more.

Total Sales

Shogun can help you track sales conversions on your pages. This metric displays the total sales from shoppers who visited the page during their session. This can be super helpful in measuring the performance of a product page, or simply a page with an add to cart button added to it.

Note: Shogun only has the ability to track sales from a Shogun Add to Cart button. If you are using an add to cart button from your theme or a third-party app that affects the add-to-cart process, this may not be tracked.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate chart illustrates the percentage of shoppers that placed an order during their session after viewing the page.

Add To Cart Events

The Add to Chart chart displays the percentage of shoppers who added a product to their cart from the selected page.

Page Views

The Page Views chart displays the total number of unique visits to the page during the selected timeframe.

Total Sessions

The Total Sessions chart displays the total number of page visitors during the selected timeframe.

Clickthrough Rate

The Clickthrough Rate chart displays the percentage of sessions where the visitor clicked through to another page.

Top Clickthrough Destinations

The Top Clickthrough Destinations panel displays a list of which pages visitors are navigating to from this page.

Top Outside Referrers

The Top Outside Referrers panel displays a list of URLs that are driving traffic to the selected page.

Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate chart displays the percentage of visitors that leave the page without further activity.

Traffic by Device

The Traffic by Device panel displays which device sizes visitors are using to browse the selected page.


When should I expect page activity to start appearing in my analytics?

Data for page analytics is reported with a four-hour time delay.

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