Shogun pages can have a range of different statuses to indicate what they are currently doing. These are indicative of what they are currently doing.


When a page has been published. It will show the 'published' status, this means that the page is live on your store.


When pages are in their draft state, they will display the 'draft' status. This means that the page is still work in progress and that the page is not currently live on the store.

Note: Moving a page from a published state to a draft state will unpublish the page or product from your store.


When a page has the 'outdated' status, this just means that there are edits that have been made to the page that have yet to be published to the live page. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.


The 'scheduled' status means that the page has been scheduled to publish at a certain data and time in the future! 


The 'updating' status is a status that you may not see in the editor - this just means that the page is in the process of being published.

Filtering by page status

Shogun's dashboard gives you the ability to filter your pages by page status - which can be super useful to find certain pages, for example, finding all your schedules pages!

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