You can find your billing information right inside of your Shogun dashboard settings. Simply navigate to your dashboard, and into settings to get started.

Viewing your current Shogun plan

Your Shogun plan can be viewed right in your Shogun settings, this can be useful to determine what plan you are on, as well as what your expected next invoice amount is going to be.

Managing your credit cards

You can view your credit cards at any time in your Shogun settings, this can be useful to know which card you have put on file to be charged for Shogun.

Adding a new card to Shogun

Adding a new credit card to Shogun is super easy! Just hit the Add new card button in the cards section, and you will be given the opportunity to input your details.

Checking your default card

Since you can have multiple cards stored in your Shogun account, it's possible to set a default card on your account that the charges for your plan will default to.

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