Prerequisites to Using Shogun on Salesforce Cloud Commerce

To begin, you'll first need to install Shogun's integration cartridges. Get access to the link_shogun package and follow our integration guide. We support both RefArch and SFRA.

Next, contact a Shogun representative to set up a subscription to our service and receive the necessary access keys. The subscription will determine how many of your sites and users will have access to our application.

How to Access Shogun on Salesforce Cloud Commerce

Once the setup process is complete, log into your Business Manager and select the site you wish to use with Shogun Page Builder.

Once you've selected a site, click the dropdown arrow next to Merchant Tools and under Content choose Shogun Labs, Inc.

If your user account and site have been properly authenticated, you should now see the Shogun dashboard load in the bottom portion of the Business Manager.

Note: If you do not see the Shogun dashboard at this stage, please check the implementation guide once again and reach out to our team to verify that everything is correct.

Once you're able to access the Shogun dashboard in the Business Manager, you'll be all set to start building your content!

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