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How to save a page as a reusable template
How to save a page as a reusable template
Sometimes you create something so perfect you want to reuse it, now it's possible, and easier.
Written by Edward Savoy
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Ever wanted to save that perfect page that you just created so that you can use it as a base for new pages? Now you can, with custom templates. Getting started could not be easier.

Custom templates can be great for ensuring that your pages are consistent, on-brand and look great, no matter who on your team works on them.

How to save a Shogun page as a template

Once you have created the perfect page that you would like to save as a template, head to the ... menu in the top right of the editor, save the page, and hit "save template". You will be prompted to set a name for this template, choose a name that appeals to you.

Shogun "save template" button within the Shogun editor

Once you have created the template, you will be brought to the editing page for the template. You can modify the template if you want to change anything.

How to use a custom template

To start making use of your new template, simply create a new page and select it from the list of templates. Your custom templates will be front and centre, ready for you to use on your standard pages and your blog articles.

Shogun workflow: how to use your custom layouts

You can even choose to make your template a landing page, even if the original page was not! 

Please note, custom templates are currently not available for use with product or collection pages.

How to edit your custom templates

Sometimes, it's good to tweak the design of the page to keep it's content fresh or to change the look completely. This is super simple to do with Shogun templates!

Shogun workflow: how to edit your custom templates

Once you are done making your edits, hit the "update template" button to save your changes.

How to rename your templates

Your template can be renamed inside of the template itself, by entering the ... menu.

Or you can rename it from the template selection screen.

Shogun workflow: renaming your custom templates

Can I hide the default Shogun templates?

If you prefer to hide our templates, we made it possible through the Settings section of your Shogun dashboard. Simply toggle off the "Show Templates" option.

Shogun dashboard: how to disable templates inside of the dashboard

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