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Why are my products not showing on my Shopify page?
Why are my products not showing on my Shopify page?
The basics on how to troubleshoot issues related to your product content not showing on your live page
Written by Edward Savoy
Updated over a week ago

If you are experiencing issues with content within the Product Box element not displaying on your live page, there is a pretty simple fix for this.

Setting up the Product Box

One of the first things that should be checked is that the Product Box, and any nested Product Boxes, has a product set. Any Product Box that does not have a product set will not display when viewed on the live page - usually this can happen if the Product Box is inside of another Product Box that does not have the product set.

💡Tip: Use the Layout Tab to find all Product Box elements on your page.

Checking Shopify product availability

Another common issue with products not displaying correctly on the live page is related to product availability. To allow Shogun to display the product, it must be available through the online store channel. You can change this in the product settings within Shopify.

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