If you run into an error message while using Shogun for Magento, please follow the steps below on how to resolve this. 

Please note that Shogun for Magento is still currently in beta - if you have any other issues, please contact our Support Team.

"Error 500"

This is usually caused by Shogun being installed on a localhost site - Shogun needs to be able to send an authentication request to a real URL, not a local IP address (e.g. localhost:8000). If you are experiencing this error, we would recommend testing Shogun on a non-localhost site.

"User Not Validated"

This can occur if an Admin User on your Magento Server is either added or updated. When Shogun is installed, we take a list of Admin Users to onboard - we are working on improving this flow. To resolve this issue, please get in touch with our Support Team with the following values that can be found under System > Integrations > Shogun Page Builder - Integration

  • Consumer key

  • Consumer secret

  • Access token

  • Access token secret

  • The email of the user who is having trouble

During troubleshooting, our Support team may ask that you create a temporary Admin User so that our engineering team can take a more in-depth look. If you are comfortable doing this, please go ahead and do this using the support@getshogun.com email address - this can help speed up the troubleshooting process.

"Magento Configured Incorrectly"

This can occur when the Magento Server is configured to not utilise HTTPS. Enabling HTTPS on your server should resolve this issue. Shogun can only be embedded via an iframe in HTTPS-enabled Magento servers.

Something Else

If you are experiencing an error that is not part of the above list, please get in touch with our Support team who would be happy to help you.

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